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It’s everything about cooking- planning, preparing, and enjoying- is better with Chefter.

Open the app to show and tell your culinary questions or ideas with a live, experienced chef and get real-time solutions. Chefter replaces stress and uncertainty with knowledge and confidence. Build your profile, connect with chefs and get inspired.
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"Food is so personal and always changing. We are here to give everyone the ability to travel by taste to anywhere in the world. "

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The kitchen. The grocery store. A special occasion. No matter what you’re doing or where you are, now you can do it with confidence. Call in to our on-demand service for an answer instantly or make a reservation with your favorite chef.

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Chefter is on the Go Culinary Guidance

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Experienced. Certified. Passionate. Our chefs are selected only after excelling in a series of tests and assessments. With experts in every culinary style and technique, Chefter can provide the absolute best knowledge in a variety of culinary topics.

If you are a Chef, you can register to help Home Cooks and share your passion with hundreds of people.

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Tested. Delicious. Inspired. Create something unique. Our mosaic of worldly, authentic dishes are different from any other recipe collection. Connect with the chef who wrote the recipe or get help from a chef to create.

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Take the stress out of shopping and cooking. Stop endless how-to and recipe searches. Now all you have to do is connect with a live chef for the answers to your questions or ideas. Have the confidence of a professional chef right on your smartphone. Cook like you’ve been to culinary school by simply downloading the app!

I loved cooking with chef Hunter, it was a new experience and I loved it so much to start from scratch and then make a wonderful meal!!

Loriamber Z.

I was able to create a dish not only I could eat, but I could share with my vegetarian girlfriend.

Bryan H.

I only had three recipes I liked when I started my paleo diet. After I tried Chefter, I started making a different meal almost every night!

Rebecca A.

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